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AIM fit ‘n fiber™ (Orchard Peach) – 16oz/456g powder

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Fiber plays a large role in two main health-related concerns: weight management and cholesterol levels.

  • Weight management: By reducing the amount of insulin secreted into the body-system, dietary fiber results in individuals feeling fuller for a longer time. Therefore, if you have high levels of fiber included in your diet, your body’s insulin sensitivity will increase, leading to your weight decreasing.
  • Cholesterol levels: Bad cholesterol (LDL) is what contributes to clogged arteries, which can lead to strokes, heart disease and even heart attacks. Fiber, however, has the ability to lower your bad cholesterol levels. For example, consuming 5 to 10g of fiber a day can lower your LDL cholesterol by about 5%.

AIM fit ‘n fiber™ contains 8g of soluble fiber per serving, helping improve digestive health, regulating blood sugar levels, reducing appetite and maintaining cardiovascular health, all while delivering a deliciously fresh orchard peach zest!

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