Our website is secured with SSL encryption (RSA with 2048 bits), which was attained from the well-known encryption specialist company, Comodo Group, Inc. This security is confirmed by your internet browser displaying a green padlock and “Secure” followed by “https”, compared to an unprotected website, which would just display “http” in the address bar.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer“, and is an extremely complex form of encryption. Because of this encryption, sensitive information entered on our website (such as credit card details, names and addresses) is kept safe and protected, preventing this information from falling into the hands of unwanted intruders. Usually, data sent between web browsers and servers is sent in plain text, making it fairly easy for hackers to view and potentially steal this data. When SSL is installed, however, the process of sending and receiving data is different. Before encryption can occur, a secure session must be set up. In order for a secure connection to be established between a browser and a website server, the website must have an SSL Certificate installed. Once this secure connection is established, all data sent from the browser to the website server is encrypted using a complicated algorithm, one which only that specific website can decrypt.


Even though we are confident in our security, we do completely understand that some people will still be reluctant to enter sensitive information over the internet. If you still have concerns regarding the safety of our website, or if you would prefer to make a purchase using a different method of payment (an electronic funds transfer), please don’t hesitate to email us at and we will try to assist you as efficiently as possible.